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Remote Sensing Services

Remote Sensing is a technology of obtaining information about an object without physical contact with the object but with a sensor mounted on an aircraft or a satellite. The advantage of Remote Sensing is that it makes it possible to collect data even in inaccessible areas. Our experts maintain a complete palette of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to make the best out of your Geo-database.

Our Remote Sensing Services are grouped below:

HRS Imagery Data Interpretation, Processing and Classification
Satellite Image Ortho-Rectification
Satellite Image Tiling and Color Balancing
Land Use & Soil Resources Assessment Management
Agricultural and Forestry Mapping
Environmental Impact Assessment Mapping
Natural Hazards and Disasters Management Services
Crop and Agricultural Intelligence Data Analysis and Mapping
Crime and Intelligence Data Analysis and Mapping
Watershed Planning and Management Services
Environmental Surveys and Seagrass Mapping
Geo-rectification, Geo-Coding & Referencing, Change Detection