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Property Information & Landscaping Services

AGS is a leading provider of high-quality Land, Property Information, Landscaping Data Management and Mapping Services to multiple industries clients worldwide. The AGS mapping team creates and maintains detailed Land/Property management maps and an array of sophisticated databases to meet client needs. We take great pride in our ability to create a superior Map and database of Land/Properties and Landscaping both in residential and commercial properties.

Property Information & Landscaping are grouped below:

Land-Property database mapping
Property Data Analysis
Roof top inspection and features mapping
Detailed and accurate roof maps
Complete Roof Inventory
Roof Assembly Detail
Precise, Automated Measurements, Detailed Reports
Bridge Inspection and mapping
Solar Panel Thermal Inspection Mapping
Commercial Building Inspections Mapping
Snow Management and Mapping
Lawn Care Database Mapping
Transportation & Road Network Mapping
Parking Lot Mapping