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Applied GeoTech Solutions (AGS) is a privately owned and ISO certified Company dedicated to providing cost-effective and reliable professional consultancy Services pertaining to the deployment of CAD, BIM, Geospatial, LiDAR and 3D Mapping & technology Solutions to municipalities, counties, utility companies, construction companies, state agencies, Transportation, Forestry, Urban Planning, Land-Property Information Services and many public & private sector organizations for both short & long-term alliance in public & private sector organizations throughout the worldwide. Our services include but are not limited to Mapping, GIS, Remote Sensing, CAD, LiDAR and Digital Photogrammetry analysis and training, Geoinformatics and Digital mapping, research, training and other activities. AGS's mission is to deliver the most accurate, timely, and content-rich location information and data available today, customized for your unique needs. Our company aims to deliver well-designed business consultancy Services, by making use of sophisticated CAD, BIM, Geospatial, LiDAR and 3D Modeling capabilities and technology. We feel proud in stating the fact that we have aligned people, technology and excellent management under one roof to get the maximum possible benefits to your needs, by saving time and cost.

AGS drives to stay at the forefront of technology and a track record of excellence make Applied GeoTech Solutions ideally suited to be ‘RIGHT OUTSOURCING PARTNER’.


AGS provides superior and high quality Data Mapping, Digitization, Processing, Analysis, BIM & 3D Modeling Services to Municipalities, Counties, Utility Companies, Construction Companies, State Agencies, Transportation, Forestry, Urban Planning, Land-Property Information Services for both short & long-term alliance in public & private sector organizations. AGS can also be relied upon to deliver our services-solutions rapidly – but without the sacrifice of quality – when faced with urgent demand from our precious and respected customers. Most important – AGS outsourcing allow and gives advantage you to save cost at least 30% -40% to all services and solutions on time delivery with 100% customer satisfactions.

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